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FÜM has helped 150,000+ people ditch their bad habit.

The easiest way to ditch your bad habit

Why FÜM Works

Füm tackles the three core pillars of habit formation: it replaces the flavor you crave, provides an outlet for your need to fidget, and offers a healthy alternative for hand-to-mouth fixation—empowering you to conquer negative habits.

Delicious Flavors

FÜM Cores are specifically formulated with non-addictive, natural plant extracts for rich, interesting flavors.

Made for Fidgeting

FÜM's fidgeting features include a turning and sliding barrel, a magnetic closure, and a clicking airflow adjustment for perfect drag.

Hand-To-Mouth Fixation

Break free from the cycle of unhealthy hand-to-mouth habits with FÜM, designed to satisfy those cravings in a healthy way while empowering you to take control of your life.

Here's Everything You Need To Get Started:

1529+ Verified Reviews

FÜM Has Helped 150,000+ people ditch their bad habit.

Read what our Fümans have to say

I love this product as a replacement for my bad habit. If offers the same sensation, without the negative effects. The mint core lasted me at least a month of inconsistent use.

Kristy B.

Love Füm. Love the feel. The drag hits just right. Definitely recommending this brand. Keep up the great work 👍🏽🙂

Morgan R.

I was skeptical. I won't lie. And I thought nothing would help me quit my habit but... I was wrong. It's the crisp mint. Every time. I didn't think it could help as much as it has! I'm officially free from my habit!

Brenda B.

I bit the bullet and ordered this. It was very simple to put together, and more importantly, it finally gave me the hand to mouth relief that I have been looking for to quit a very bad habit, which is nicotine.

Octavia H.

I was an every few minutes vape guy. I decided to quit and ordered this to help. I can say without a shadow of a doubt it is definitely helping. I didn't realize how much of my addiction was the physical act of taking a drag until it was gone.

Brandon G.

I love how clicky it is for my hand fidgeting, and I also like the flavors! Pepper Maple is my favorite so far. I'm glad I bought this!

Mimi B.

I’m only a few days in, but I am LOVING fum! For me, kicking the nicotine was less of a problem than the oral fixation of vaping. This has been a great way to help curb the cravings. The flavors are great, very natural and earthy.

Madison T.

Questions You May Have

What Does Flavored Air Taste Like?

If you're used to vapor, Füm may not be as strong as you'd expect at first, but we also won't leave you in a hospital bed. Füm can be compared to a herbal tea if vapor was compared to a sticky soda. Not as sweet, and a lot more natural.

How Does FÜM Work?

Physiology shows stopping a bad habit cold turkey is very hard on your brain. FÜM works by replacing your hand-to-mouth fixation, calming nervous tension through fidgeting, and distracting you from your bad habit with delicious flavor.

How Long Do Cores Last?

1 Core lasts you 2-3 days of repeated use and each Core flavors come with 3 Cores each. The Complete Core Bundle Journey Pack comes with enough Core packs to last you approximately 1 month of repeated use.

How Often Can I Use Füm?

As often as you like. Please Note: if FÜM is negatively affecting you please stop and contact your physician.

Is Füm Safe?

Yes, multiple 3rd party toxicology reports & studies have been done on the inhalation and digestion of the plant compounds we use in our Cores, and we're committed to always be funding more.

What Are Cores Made Of?

Each Core fiber is medical grade polyester, infused in the fiber is our unique plant blend of pure essential oils from amazing farms we've partnered with around the world.

The Easiest Way To Break Your Bad Habit

Füm is backed by rigorous third-party research to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Award Winning, Habit-Building Design

We're on a mission of accelerating humanity's breakup with destructive habits.

Your Money Back If Our Product Lacks

If you fill out the Habit Tracker Card for 30 Days and FÜM has NOT helped you, we will refund you, no strings attached.

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❤️ Our Safety Commitment

At FÜM, we prioritize third-party research, regulatory compliance, and transparent ingredients

FÜM undergoes rigorous studies by independent organizations, ensuring unbiased and trustworthy results about its safety.

Read more about our studies and commitment to safety here.

FÜM is Your Healthy Alternative

Don't panic, it's botanic.

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Satisfies Cravings
All Natural Flavors
Designed For Fidgeting
Transparent Ingredients

Will Power Not Included

If you're looking for a quick fix, it's not us... Füm is helpful, not magic. Regardless of what your friend told you...

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"Highly recommend the crisp mint flavor"

"Finally a device that helped me quit. Glad I invested my money in this. Today marks me 2 months going strong and I feel so much better mentally and physically! - Kaitlin L.

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