Starting with Füm

Starting with Füm

So, you got your Füm, now what? 

You likely found Füm with a goal in mind. A habit you’re looking to break or a new habit you are looking to create. In this blog, we'll look at:

  • How to use your Füm 
  • Starting your habit tracker
  • How to clean your Füm
  • Plus, a little more info about Füm as a company


How to Use Your Füm

If you haven’t already figured it out just from trial and error, let’s go through how to use your Füm. 

  1. Pull open your Füm from the middle. You’ll notice some slight resistance here from the magnetic closure. 
  2. Once the mouthpiece and barrel of your Füm is open, pop your Core into the cradle section of the mouthpiece. If inserted correctly, your Core should be sitting slightly under the metal lip, and have clicked in against the internal spring. 
  3. Then slide the barrel back on, and adjust the airflow by spinning the barrel for your preferred level of drag.
  4. Then breathe in through the mouthpiece and out of your nose, enjoying the flavored air along the way. 

Start Your Habit Tracker

In every Journey Pack, you’ll find a Habit Tracker card. This is a simple and effective tool for you to track you progress and to keep yourself responsible to your goal. Write that goal you started out with on your Habit Tracker. And decide on a central place to keep your Habit Tracker to serve as a reminder for you everyday, for what you are looking to accomplish. 

In a pinwheel fashion, the habit tracker has 30 slots for you to fill in. If you are successful in your goal, fill in the space completely or a check mark, we aren’t your school teacher, so whatever you fancy is fine! 

Before you get going, we recommend that you:

  1. Set a Start Date
  2. Tell a Friend
  3. Set a reminder to Track Daily
  4. Bring your Füm with You (it fits in your pocket!)

Let's be really clear though- Füm is not a magical fix to bad habits. It takes personal commitment and willpower to reach your goals. 


How To Clean Your Füm 

We recommend cleaning your Füm between each Core. To do this, we have included a microfibre cloth and pipe cleaner in each Journey Pack. You can also replenish your Füm cleaning supplies by purchasing the Clean Kit, which includes two new microfibre cloths and three new pipe cleaners. 

Cleaning your Füm is important for a few reasons: 

  • Helps maintain the durability, as it removes dirt and sediment that could slowly wear down the tactile clicks in the barrel. 
  • Removes potential build up of bacteria in the Füm 
  • Reduces flavors being left behind from one Core when you go to use a new Core, keeping the flavors clean and fresh

Learn more about cleaning your Füm here


Learn More...  

Füm is more than just a product to help you conquer the bad habit, we are seeking to empower people around the world to make good habits. 

  • Why Füm was created. Learn More
  • Read more about Our Story. Learn More
  • Our ongoing initiative with M4K Orphanage that provides meals, shelter, and education to 200+ children in rural Kenya. Learn More 
  • There is a large community in our Füm™ Family Facebook Group that share their experiences with Füm™! It is a great place to connect with others and ask questions. Join here 
  • Connect with us on social media.

Wrapping it up 

We are happy that you've joined us in creating positive habits!

If you have any questions that come up, please do not hesitate to reach out to customer service team at We are happy to help.