About The Core -  Crisp Mint Cores (formerly known as Peppermint)

About The Core - Crisp Mint Cores (formerly known as Peppermint)

Crisp Mint was created as a flavor to showcase the showstopper flavor of Peppermint. It’s simple blend is pretty much just that, Peppermint, with little hints of citrus to round the flavor out. But honestly, if you didn’t know the citrus was in there, you probably wouldn’t even guess it was. 

Flavor Complex: strong, cooling, fresh mint with tiny bits of citrus

Shall we take a closer look at it? These cores are over 80% Peppermint plant extract, and Peppermint is punchy and potent, so that’s what you’re mainly tasting in these Cores. The remaining bit of the blend is Lemon and Lime, for a little flavor to add fullness to Crisp Mint Cores. 

When formulating Cores flavors, we look to build flavors that have three notes. The first note you taste at the front of your mouth is the high note. The next flavor you taste is typically the base note, which you taste more in the exhale. The mid note is rarely very noticeable, but it fills that middle ground between the high and base notes, acting as a bridging flavor. In Crisp Mint Cores, Peppermint fills the high and base notes, and the citrus flavors of Lemon and Lime fill the middle note. 

While Crisp Mint Core’s blend is not complex with many plants and intricacies, it packs a punch. Peppermint has always been Füm’s most loved flavor in Cores, and we wanted to keep this Core simple to showcase Peppermint well. It is commonly loved for giving a menthol, tingling sensation, fresh breath, and an energizing feeling. 


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